Sarah Beebe


Restorative Sound Healing, Crystal Sound Bowl Training

Sarah Beebe is a learning specialist, life coach, Reiki master, and yoga teacher who holds a 500-RYT designation with Yoga Alliance. A dancer by nature and a special education teacher by training, she has an intuitive sense of the connections between body, breath, and mind. In the classroom, Sarah found that her students’ achievement improved as she taught them movement and breathing techniques to help release, restore, or refocus energy, to streamline attention, and to bring the brain into a state primed for learning. By 2006, chronic injury and illness had imposed limits on Sarah’s mobility and resources. Medication, physical therapy, pain psychologists, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and Rolfing brought limited relief at best. Life was changing. No longer were special needs just “over there” in other people’s lives – they were at home in the mirror, too. Sarah returned to yoga purposeful and desperate, seeking after that supple strength and spacious mind without faith it could be found. But she found it, and proceeded to fall in love with her long, precise, meditative practice.
A few years later, Sarah moved across the country to Seattle where her home practice gradually weakened and then disappeared into the shadow of a too-demanding lifestyle. She began a long slow descent into work-crazed, malnourished exhaustion of body, mind, and spirit. In 2011, she landed in Carlsbad and began the process of rebuilding health. Sarah enrolled in a yoga teacher training program with no intention to teach yoga; just a commitment to living a more contented, less limited life. By the time her training was complete, Sarah had come to see yoga as the art of moving beyond, and connected with a deep passion to bring the gifts of a regular yoga practice to people with special needs of all kinds.
In 2014, she founded the Adaptive Yoga Movement, a collaboration of yoga professionals dedicated to bringing yoga to those with limits in learning, attention, movement, behavior, and language.