Jen Suchman

Jennifer Suchman

Senior Chair Yoga 

Iʼve been practicing yoga since 2001, teaching since 2008. I received my 200hr certification from Mira Costa College and have participated in workshops with some awe-inspiring teachers such as: Roger Cole, Leslie Kaminoff, Paul Grilley, Justine Shelton and Sherry Zak Morris among others. I also currently practice on a regular basis with a variety of accomplished teachers.

I donʼt have a background in personal training, pilates, dance, martial arts or sports Ivʼe worked for most of the last 26 yrs in counseling and health care.Was pretty uncoordinated and had rather bad posture.

Through the practice of yoga I think I have gained not only a physical strength and balance but an emotional strength as well, that has been a great support to me in challenging times. I have also gained some stillness of mind, not to mention much better posture.

This I would like to share with you. Namaste : ) Jennifer