Elaine Bryan


Wise Yoga-Relax & Rejuvenate[45+], Nutrition Counseling & Workshops

Elaine Bryan has lived in the Carlsbad area for almost 28 years and loves the community and peacefulness of the area!  After a successful mortgage banking career for about 13 years, Elaine decided to give up her career in the mortgage field to stay home with her daughter, Seannie.  Having an increasing interest in the natural healing abilities of the body, Elaine jumped into various programs and classes and became an herbalist and nutritionist as well as studying homeopathy, flower essences and iridology.  Although a student in various yoga classes, it wasn’t until an accident 7 years ago that Elaine was led to a teacher training class to help her rehabilitate from broken bones and pain.  Elaine found through her training in hatha yoga and her regular practice, more of a sense of calmness and reduced anxiety that had increased due to hormonal changes.  She also noticed increased strength and balance with her regular practice, which inspired her passion to bring this beautiful practice to many others.  Elaine is a Registered Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and has now been teaching yoga in the north county area for 6 years in various locations.  Elaine has completed various certification programs in Senior and Chair yoga and yoga therapy training programs over the years.  Elaine is also a nutrition counselor who works with her clients with Blood Nutrition analysis as well as homeopathy and flower essences and whole food supplementation.  Learn more at www.bodyandsoulnourishment.com

Elaine currently lives in Carlsbad with her husband, Stew, and daughter, Seannie.  Elaine is excited to offer her Wise Yoga – Rejuvenate and Regenerate class for students Age 50+ at Carlsbad Village Yoga Co-op!