Massage: Reflexology

Doun Lambert is certified in reflexology through the Vitality College of Healing Arts.  She also is a Crystal Healing Practitioner - Level 1 and a Reiki I & II Practitioner offering advance Reiki techniques with crystals.  Doun has studied various modalities to offer assistance to those looking to benefit their overall health and wellness through the use of Traditional Reflexology Reiki techniques and crystal healing. Each session is catered to each individual’s needs with the set intention of offering a peaceful space to hold for each client to experience their body’s self healing process through relaxation and hands on pressure techniques along with energy work through the meridians and chakras. A client can choose only one modality of Reflexology or a combination of all to be incorporated into their session. Doun looks forward to working with each client to customize their session and provide an ultimate relaxation experience.