A Slower Flow

As a child in San Diego, Candi enjoyed dance and physical movement, and was on the gymnastics team in high school.  As an adult Candi continued partner dancing (e.g. hustle, ballroom), aerobics, and spinning.  In the early 1980’s Candi began taking yoga classes and started her spiritual practice of going away for 3 day meditation retreats twice a year. She is a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body Course as developed by Daben and Orin, and today teaches others the Light Body skills.

In 2009 Candi retired after 30 years as a computer business software consultant, and became certified as a yoga teacher.  Her classes emphasize the flow of energy through the body, encouraging each student to be aware of their own rhythms and experience their natural vitality.

A bone density test in 2010 showed some osteoporosis, so she added some weight bearing and strength emphasis to her yoga practice, and is happy to report that latest bone density test no longer shows osteoporosis. Candi and her husband still enjoy West Coast Swing Dancing, and she intends to be active for the rest of her life.