Family Classes

  age 5 weeks to 8 years

Socialize your littles and connect with other Mamas and Papas!

Bring a favorite toy or snack and no worries if you need to come late or leave early.  

stretch, sing and baby sign 

Second Sunday Monthly    

3:30 - 4:30pm
This all-level and all-age fun class is great for the whole family and will integrate movement and stretches into a fun session of play, learning some sign langage to music, and also family bonding! The class ends with time for the littles to socialize and get some wiggles out in the play gym!  We welcome Moms, Dads, grandparents, and anyone!









March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10,

July 15th (3rd Sunday), Aug 12, Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9


Drop-in class - $15 per family - BUY NOW!
5 Classes - $60 - BUY NOW!

Unlimited Monthy (includes yoga and 2nd Sunday)  - $65/mo - SIGN UP NOW!