ASHTANGA LITE: Ashtanga yoga is a 5000 year old sequence of postures designed to bring strength, flexibility and endurance to the body and a sense of stillness to the mind. Each movement of this dynamic yoga is synchronized with the breath. Though the class will be “talked through”, it is likely that you will evolve to a Mysore (self-guided) style practice. This will allow you to focus your attention inward and find meditation in movement. This class is light, infused with humor, and simultaneously stimulating and calming. Class concludes with live native fluting and/or drums and singing bowl. If you are brand new to yoga, it is recommended that you attend a beginner or all-level class prior to attending the Ashtanga class (60 minutes).

BARRE STRONG: Strength. Grace. Stamina.
Cultivate lean tone and lifted posture in this elegant alternative to power or blast classes. (Yes, you’ll still want a towel and water.) Barre Strong hones whole-body awareness and alignment in a balanced sequence of movements at the barre, across the floor, and on the mat. Although footwear is not required, many prefer to wear ballet/jazz shoes or grippy socks. 45 minutes.

BASIC YOGA: This is a great class to introduce you to a well-rounded yoga practice. Designed for both the beginner and intermediate in mind, this class breaks down various yoga postures or asanas and incorporates them into an energetic flow. The evening classes are candlelit and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere (60 minutes).

BASIC YOGA SCULPT:  This is a great class to introduce weights into your yoga flow routine. Designed for all levels, this class breaks down proper form and offers modifications and advancements. This will help you burn more calories as you develop strong muscles that are long and lean and sculpted. The next version of this class includes cardio or plyometrics bursts to get your heart rising even more! (60 minutes).

FUSION ENERGY FLOW: Engaging in conscious movement alongside building heat through mindfully flowing through postures that create awareness of breath linked with movement to discover the internal landscaping of your being (60 minutes, barefoot).

FUSION SLOW YOGA FLOW: Engaging in smooth conscious movement alongside building heat through mindfully holding postures that creates awareness of breath linked with slow movements to discover the internal landscaping of your being. Class ends in variations of supportive restorative postures (60 minutes, barefoot)

KIDS YOGA (ages 3 - 5)Our kids yoga classes interweave yoga, story, song, games, and poses allowing children to learn, relax, develop motor skills, balance body and mind and most importantly have fun on their yoga journey (60 minutes).

KIDS YOGA (ages 6 - 12): Yoga comes to life in these fun and creative classes designed to stimulate a child while conveying lessons in self-expression, body image, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental awareness.  Kids yoga classes will spark the child’s inner yogini while enhancing language development, motor coordination and awareness skills. Classes are a balance between games and active & passive poses (60 minutes).

KUNDALINI YOGA: Kundalini yoga is referred to as the yoga of awareness. It combines specific poses and breath work with ancient mantras to to create a deep  body, mind, ether connection.  The benefit is a feeling of balance that one carries throughout ones daily activities and increased intuition that supports a sense of emotional ease and inner peace (75 minutes).

MEDITATIVE CHAKRA FLOW: This calming, soothing, chakra centered meditative flow is a perfect end to a stressful day.  Come and relax and allow your mind to find the space between your thoughts, while you realign your energy back into balance.  This class is great for all levels and will start you with some movement and then guide you into a seated or reclined meditation, your choice (60 minutes, socks and comfy clothes ok).

Pilates work develops core abdominal and back strength through exercises executed on a mat. With an emphasis on breath, posture and body awareness, each exercise is performed with total focus on accurate form and quality of movement (60 minutes).

PRENATAL YOGA: Prenatal Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with your baby and other mothers. This class is specifically geared and safe for all stages of pregnancy, modifications are always given depending on how you feel in that moment. We will also share tools to help navigate through labor (60 minutes, barefoot).

RESTORATIVE SOUND HEALING: Gentle restorative relaxation and amazing crystal sound bowl session. Align your energy charkras to heal yourself through sound healing, breathing, letting go! (75 minutes)

VINYASA YOGA FLOW: Vinyasa flow takes students on a journey of meditation through movement, connecting with the breath, to relieve tension, build strength, balance, and flexibility of the body as well as the mind to encourage an overall state of bliss. All levels are welcome, and modifications are tailored for the individual to meet you wherever you are on your journey, from beginner to advanced. Vinyasa yoga teaches us to cultivate an awareness that links each action to the next—on the mat and in our lives (60 minutes)

WISE YOGA - Relax & Rejuvenate (Ages 45+ only!):  
Awaken your bodies power to Rejuvenate and Regenerate more energy, enhancing your physical well being, better circulation, mindful breathing, while gaining strength in muscles and bones, along with better balance, focus and concentration! Some common proven benefits: Reduced back pain and general body aches and pains, increased joint flexibility, increased strength (arthritis), balanced blood sugar levels, decreased weight, improved mood and reduced anxiety! Gentle, progressive yoga strength building poses and flow - Great for new and experienced yoga students! (60 minutes)

YINKI (Yin, Reiki, and  Crystal Healing Bowls):This gentle relaxing floor-based yin class allows you to let go and focus on breath and healing of your body and just simply be. Combined with Reiki, and sound bowls to realign your chakras, you will feel amazing, relaxed, and in tune with you.  Dress warmly and comfortably (60 minutes, barefoot).

YOGA ENERGY FLOW + CORE: YOGA FLOW is an invigorating yoga flow emphasizing power, lengthening, and stretching, while integrating core work. This energetic yoga flow ranges from sun salutations, grounding standing poses, detoxifying twists, heart openers, and balancing postures.  Great way to kick off your day! (60 minutes, barefoot).

This is a great class to introduce you to a well-rounded yoga practice that focuses on stretching and lengthening your muscles. Designed for the beginner/intermediate in mind, this class breaks down various yoga postures or asanas and incorporates them into a fun yoga flow emphasizing length and stretch. Advancements are offered for the more seasoned practicioner. (60 minutes, barefoot).

“awesome fusion of weights & yoga flow” a total body workout that combines light weights and cardio with yoga postures to target and tone specific muscle groups; builds balance, strength & sexy long lean muscles (60 minutes).




$5 55+ COMMUNITY CHAIR YOGA: This class is a community effort, being subsidized by Carlsbad Causes for Community (C3), Heritage Senior Care, and Carlsbad Village Yoga Co-op!  Join the senior community and lengthen and stretch your bodies, minds, and community connections. For more information, please visit 

YOGA FOR SPECIAL NEEDS ADULTS: This yoga class for special needs adults is a partnership effort with the Adaptive Yoga Movement and local non-profit, TERI Inc.  TERI serves students living in San Diego and South Riverside counties who have Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, and other forms of mild to moderate disabilities affecting learning, behavior, and social skills.  To learn more about TERI and their programs, please visit

This class is specially designed to meet participants exactly where they are in an environment of acceptance, ease, continual success, and positive reinforcement, and purposefully move them forward in well-being. We focus on breath, gentle movement, and sensory integration. For an hour each week, our students gain body awareness, practice social communication, and gain skills in self-regulation with a yoga practice that is adapted to fit the specific needs of each individual.