What is Sustainability?

Sustainability means many different things to different organizations, with the main three components of sustainability often focusing on social (people), environmental (planet), and economic (profit) goals.  An organization cannot be sustainable without a balance of all three of these taking place.  While the balance may sometimes shift due to internal or external factors, all three must be present to a certain degree for an organization to remain sustainable.    





An organization's number
one resource, their people,
must be happy, healthy and
satisfied to ensure that the
organization can continually
exist and thrive.  Social
sustainability goals often
include employees,
customers, suppliers, and
the community.

It is vital to implement social programs, activities, and marketing and educational events that demonstrate your organization’s corporate social responsibility.  It is also important to track and report progress on goals your organization is setting and achieving. This will help your organization attract and retain employees, customers or clients, and investors - all while reducing sick time and improving overall employee and customer wellness and satisfaction!

ACE can work with your organization to develop and implement social programs and activities!




 It is the entire organization’s responsibility to ensure that environmental aspects of its activities are identified, that negative impacts are reduced, and environmental regulations are complied with.  Environmental goals often include awareness and greening efforts.

Sustainability means taking care of the planet by reducing our impacts.  At a minimum, all regulated activities should be in compliance with environmental regulations. However, Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) and other organization-wide programs can be integrated in your culture, demonstrating your overall stewardship for the environment.



Whether your activities are regulated by law or are integrated in your culture, ACE can help you identify and reduce your impact on the planet!



Implementing activities that reduce environmental impacts and implementing efficient, effective, and systematic approaches often result in dollars saved. Economic goals often include cost-avoidance, project payback, and publicly funded initiatives.

  There are many low-hanging savings across the board and also financing, commissioning, and grant options for installing energy efficient and renewable energy solutions that will also save you money. The savings you realize by becoming more efficient could help you pay for the other aspects of your sustainability program, like people and planet goals and programs!

ACE can help you uncover some low-hanging savings across the board and also refer you to energy efficient and renewable energy solutions experts!

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CUSTOMIZED Sustainability Services!!    

ACE is a green business that offers a wide variety of sustainability consulting services as a certified DBE, ESB, HUBZone, M/WBE and SBE.  We can perform as assessment and help you define what sustainability means to your organization.  We then help you define and implement specific sustainability goals relating to people, planet and profit, depending on your organization’s needs and expectations.