Deb Ferraro, LEED AP BD + C

Owner, ACE Wellness

Deb Ferraro has extensive experience in reviewing, evaluating, developing, and enhancing programs aimed towards improving organizations’ sustainability performance.  Sustainability performance is measured through improvement goals, which are catered specifically for individual organizations in areas ranging from people to planet to profit, depending on the organization’s needs and expectations.

Under ACE, Deb specializes in the development and implementation of Sustainability/Environmental Management Systems (S/EMSs), ISO14001, and other company-wide programs developed around compliance and sustainability, stewardship or greening goals.  Deb has 17 years of environmental compliance and sustainability experience and has consulted for various industries including health and wellness, workforce development, public health, mental health, restaurant, recycling, printing, auto parts manufacturing, construction materials, construction and design, mining, and transportation.  Deb has provided consulting services for the public, private, and non-profit sectors and graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in Biology and Studio Art.  She also completed her Masters in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver.

In 2011, Deb moved from Denver, Colorado to Carlsbad, Caifornia to focus on wellness projects and to help enhance the local community.  Deb's serves her new community by creating needed community programs driven by purposeful connections between small businesses, non-profits, and other local resources.  ACE is still active and is registered to do business in the States of California and Colorado.